The Syntegra Group are a multi-award-winning International planning specialist and multi-discipline engineering design consultancy. Through our group of companies, we provide a complete range of solutions for planning, property development, and energy efficient built environments that offer long-term sustainable benefits to all stakeholders – Ultimately creating ‘Better Buildings’.

We are committed to tackling climate change by designing low carbon engineering solutions and deploying energy efficient technology & certification to the built environment throughout all stages of a project lifecycle. Our team will ensure that overall targets and legal requirements for carbon emissions are commercially viable and not only met but exceeded wherever possible.

We maximise development value and minimise risk across all sectors of the built environment.

Our propositions are:

  • Multi-disciplined planning consultancy
  • Multi-disciplined engineering consultancy
  • Building compliance and certification
  • Energy utilities procurement and validation



Having the power to influence the future of the built environment across our divisions comes with a weighty and important responsibility. These diverse areas of expertise are reflected in the multi-dimensional solutions we can offer our clients whilst maintaining our core values.[/vc_column_text]


Our specialist consultants can address a wide range of technical reports to support you planning submission.


From M & E Design and Civil Design to Specialist Acoustic, Air Quality, Sustainability & Ecology Assessments.


We work closely with you to secure a cost-effective utilities portfolio for your property development through our unique review and procurement platform


We provide a comprehensive range of energy certification for all types of domestic and non-domestic property or development.


At The Syntegra Group, we are committed to our clients and their own objectives when engaged on projects. At the core of everything we do is the promise to provide solutions that have a positive impact on society.

Innovative Solutions
We specialise in providing innovative solutions tailored to our client’s needs.
Flexible Approach
Our aim is to always find the solution to your project’s sustainability challenges.
International Coverage
Remotely or on-site, we can mobilise our consulting team across the globe.
Driven To Succeed
Our team of engineers strive to achieve engineering excellence for every project.
Honesty & Integrity
We believe that relationships should be built upon a foundation of honesty.
Committed To You
We are always committed to helping you achieve your overall sustainability goals.
Multi-Award Winning
We have won multiple awards for our approach and forward thinking solutions.
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Stay up-to-date on the latest energy efficiency and sustainability in the built environment news with our blog.


We’ve worked with a wide range of clients, from high net individuals to multi-nationals, across sectors in prime residential, retail, commercial, education, HV power stations and healthcare.

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We’ve worked closely with all our clients to build a sustainable future for the built environment

We’ve completed projects of all sizes, from helping home owners build their dream sustainable home, to providing engineering, certification and utilities procurement expertise for multi-national organisations. Through all this we have always striven to provide innovative, tailored sustainable solutions which enrich not only the project, but the well-being of it’s occupants and the environment

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Savings (£) delivered to clients completed on time and on budget.


Trading years delivering engineering excellence


Clients have received our help.

Goals for Sustainable Development

 Syntegra Group support the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development across all divisions. Since 2018 each division has aligned with a relevant category, whereby we can make the most impact, measure and promote each quarter. Our annual impact figures for 2020 are below.


Our expert team of planning specialists, sustainability consultants and Chartered Engineers are here to help.

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